ElCon 128/168V-12V DC-DC Converter 400W

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128-168VDC Input nominal 12VDC 30A Output

The TDC-XXXX High Efficiency Series DC-DC Converter is specifically designed to provide a reduced voltage supply for auxiliary electrical systems in electric vehicles. By adapting the internationally advanced digital analogy technology, it has the excellence of high transition efficiency, mini-type, easy to install, open circuit operation for long time, lower static power, stable output voltage, larger capacity, well-found protecting function, high stability and long lifespan. 

Employing soft key technology, it has the functions of fail safe for low-voltage, short-circuit protection, overheat and over current protection. High transition efficiency, allowing sustained short-circuit, reset after shorting are its advantages. 


Nominal Value: 400W
Peak Pulse Power: 480W 
Isolated: Selectable 
Input Voltage: 128-168V
Output Voltage: 12V
Current Limitation: @12V 30A 
Nominal Output Current(1hour): 25A 
Current Limitation @24V: 15A 
Nominal Output Current (1hour): 12.5A 
Voltage Regulatio:n <=1.5% 
Ripple Factor: <=1% 
Maximal Efficiency: 92%
Output Short circuit Protectio:n Yes 
Input Voltage Range: Nominal Voltage×150% 
Overheat Protection: Thermal switch cuts off at 90? and 
resets at 60??internal temperature? 
Range of Working Temp: ?40?+55? 
Shock and Vibration: SAEJ1378 
Size: 165mmx115mmx80mm

Country of Manufacture China

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