Motenergy ME1305 PMAC Motor, 24-48V, 6 hp cont, 15 hp pk (replaces ME0907)

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Originally designed for Briggs &B Stratton 4.5 HP continuous outboard boating applications. Brushless Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor otherwise known as BLDC or PMAC motor. Input voltage of 30-72 VDC. 100 amps continuous, up to 300 amps for 30 seconds. The phase resistance is very low at 10 milli-ohms, so it is 90% efficient. This motor has a built-in bi-directional cooling fan and internal temperature sensor. Motor weight is 22 pounds.

This motor is a direct replacement for the NEMA C 143T Etek (Briggs & Stratton) brushed DC motor. It is an Axial Air Gap permanent magnet motor. This technology offers a very compact unit with a high power to weight ratio.

Rotor position is tracked through a UVW hall sensor array, connected to a 5 pin Delphi connector. 

This Brushless motor requires a 3 Phase 8 Pole PMAC controller. 

These patented axial flux motors are designed to work with sinusoidal (sine wave) controllers such as the Sevcon Gen4. NOTE: We do not recommend the use of trapezoidal wave controllers with these motors. This may reduce their durability and efficiency, as well as void it's warranty.


Power: 6 Hp continuous, 15 peak Hp 
Voltage: 24-48V DC 
Maximum Speed: 5000 RPM
Torque Constant: 1.20" lbs/amp.
Max Motor Current: 300 A/1min.
Bi-directional fan w/ aluminum cover
Motor Diameter: 8".
Shaft: 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key 
Weight: 22 lbs 

Manufacturer: Motenergy 
P/N: ME1305 (replaces ME0907 and ME0201013001)

Country of Manufacture China

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