Curtis 1311-4401 OEM Handheld Programmer

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The Curtis Model 1311 LP Handheld Programmer simplifies the programming, testing and diagnosing of Curtis Speed Controllers and Auxiliary Devices. It provides a simple and intuitive interface to Curtis products for testing, diagnostics and parameter adjustments.



• Compatible with all Curtis speed controllers and auxiliary devices.
• Backward compatible to the Curtis Model 1307 Programmer.
• Easy menu navigation with clear and intuitive parameter organization.
• Inc/dec key for real-time adjustment of parameters.
• Read and clear fault history, monitor real-time data and perform tests.
• Bookmark keys facilitate fast swapping between three user selected menus.
• Detail Screen shows units, min/max ranges and bargraph.
• Allows cloning of parameter settings between controllers.
• Graphic LCD can display up to seven lines of information.



Stock Status N/A
Country of Manufacture Puerto Rico

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