Deltec 300A Ammeter Shunt

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Quick Overview

Deltec 300A Ammeter Shunt

Shunt Construction

The terminal blocks on the ammeter shunts are made of high quality brass to allow proper heat dissipation and provide strong support for the entire shunt. The resistance blades are made from manganin shunt metal for its low temperature co-efficient, long-term stability and strength. The manganin strips are soldered into slots in the brass terminal blocks with high quality solder to provide a strong, lasting bond. Where mounting bases are provided, high strength phenolic is used with mounting holes designed in for ease of use.

Shunt Operation

For continuous operation, it is recommended that shunts are not used at more than 2/3 of the rated current under normal operation conditions. Shunts should be located in an area where freely circulating air is available. If this is not possible adequate forced ventilation should be provided to keep the shunt operating temperature at 40° - 60°C. Shunt temperature must be maintained under 145° C or a permanent change in resistance will occur.

Shunt Quality

The Deltec DC Ammeter shunt is designed to provide the highest quality performance possible while maintaining their rugged construction characteristics. All Deltec Co. current shunts are designed and calibrated at the factory to have standard accuracy of ± 1/4%.

The MK series of electric current shunts are manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of GSA federal CID-A-A-55524  specifications.  This CID supersedes MILS161B.

All Deltec Ammeter Shunts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year.

Made in the USA


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