Emus CAN Group Module is used as an interconnecting interface to separate the whole battery pack into cell groups. Each group of cells is served by one Emus CAN Group Module which then communicates to Emus BMS Control Unit via CAN bus. This arrangement allows better communication reliability in installations where EMI levels could pose issues for simple serial connection. CAN group modules should also be used if the whole battery pack's cells are installed in physically separate locations where EMI would likely cause communication interference errors over long single wire connecting Emus Cell Modules. CAN Group Module has optical embedded isolation circuitry so it may be connected directly to Cell Modules chain without additional isolation modules. CAN Group Module also allows to form exchangeable modules of battery pack. Optical isolation allows to build exchangeable modules each having safe Voltage levels for manual handling. Please note that CAN Group Module still requires Emus BMS Control Unit to perform BMS functions.

CAN Cell Group Modules also serves another purpose of giving the possibility of arranging the cell groups intro several strings of cells connected in parallel, for applications that require more power with the same Voltage.

Comes with CAN module and mating connector pigtail as pictured.
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Country of Manufacture Lithuania

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