ElCon CANbus Interface (Factory-Installed, only for ElCon chargers)

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ElCon CANbus Interface (photo only shows break-out box)

This factory-installed interface, allows ElCon PFC series chargers to communicate via CANbus. A suitable BMS can control the charger's output ramping charging current and voltage smoothly, avoiding inrush currents. This affords better care and more longevity to battery arrays.

If your ElCon charger was programmed as a standalone unit, it can be sent to the factory for re-programming with a CAN algorithm. Please inquire within.

You will receive a CANbus adapter with your charger. Connects to the CANbus as follows:

Pin 1  to CAN-Lo

Pin 2 to CAN-Hi

If your BMS does not already have a 120 ohm termination resistor across CAN-Lo and CAN-Hi, you will need to add one

The charger expects to receive every second a message from the BMS with CAN ID 1806E5F4 and 8-byte data with the voltage and current requested.  If the charger doesn't receive a valid CAN message in 5 seconds, it stops charging until it receives a valid CAN message.  The charger sends out every second a CAN status message with voltage, current and status information.  Up to 4 chargers with different CAN IDs 1806E5F4, 1806E7F4, 1806E8F4 and 1806E9F4 can be connected to the same CAN bus and be controlled by one BMS.

Compatible BMS controllers:





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