NEW! Sevcon 72/80V to 13.4V 500W DC-DC Converter w/ Enable 622/11213 (Ford Th!nk Upgrade)

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Sevcon 72/80V to 13.4V 500W DC-DC Converter w/ Enable 622/11213

New! More power - 500 W vs 300 W - In-stock availability - Volume discounts

Sevcon DC-DC Converters are suitable for all electric powered vehicles and are designed to be fitted on-board the vehicle and connected permanently to the battery. These converters deliver a stable isolated high power, low voltage DC supply for such accessories as lights, horns, and wipers. This eliminates inefficient battery taps and fragile, expensive high voltage accessories.

This product can also be used as an upgraded Ford Th!nk DC-DC converter. This UPGRADE TAKES CARE OF THE #1 CAUSE OF FAILURE ON THE FORD THINK! The 5th pin is an enable switch. It is a much needed upgrade for the Ford Think. A big problem with the Ford Think is that the DC-DC converter powers the main contactor and the DC-DC stayed enabled at all times. This caused the units to drain power at all times even when the vehicle was not in use. This eventually would lead to vehicle failures from either the converter burning out or from the converter slowly draining the batteries dead. The 5th pin acts as an on/off switch for the DC-DC. Jumping the 72Volts + DC-DC input to pin five will enable the DC-DC to turn on. If a toggle switch is put in line between the 72Volts+ input and pin 5 the toggle switch can be mounted somewhere handy to allow the DC-DC unit to be turned off when the vehicle is not in use. Such a switch could act as a vehicle Kill Switch as well. However, if Pin 5 were hard wired to the 72 positive DC-DC input without a toggle switch, the Ford Th!nk would suffer from the same problem of having the DC-DC that stayed on 24 hours a day. The 5 pin connector is needed for use with the Ford Th!nk. 


Input: 72-80V DC
Min. Input Voltage: 50 V
Max. Input Voltage: 120 V
Output: 13.4V DC
Power: 500W
Max Output Current: 40A
Dimensions: 7.5in L x 3in W x 2.75in T
Weight: 2lbs.

Sevcon P/N 622/11213

Includes 5-POS connector and terminals

Stock Status In Stock
Country of Manufacture Poland

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