Sure Power 71030i DC-DC Converter 72/96V to 13.5V, 30A 400W (fits GEM Cars)

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The Sure Power 71030i is a 25A DC-to-DC converter that can drive 30A loads intermittently. The converter is used to provide energy for 12V apparatus from battery systems whose nominal voltage is from 72V to 96V. The output is electrically isolated from the input.

- Provides energy for 12V apparatus from battery systems whose nominal voltage is from 72V to 96V. 
- Output is electrically isolated from input 
- 2 outputs called “unswitched” and “switched” 
- Unswitched output is controlled by an enable signal 
- Enable signal turns switched output on and off 
- Typically, the enable input would be connected to the unswitched output through a key switch. If switch is closed, then the switched output turns on. If switch is open, the switched output turns off 
- Designed to withstand reverse battery, over temperature, over-current, and short circuit without damage to the unit 
- Enable input is referenced to the output side 
- Utilizes switching power supply technology 
- Offers protection from under-voltage and over-voltage on the input. If the input is too high or too low, the converter will shut off to protect itself. Under-voltage protection incorporates a delay so that momentary battery sags do not turn off the converter 
- Operating temperature is constantly monitored. If the unit becomes too hot, it will fold back to protect itself 
- Converter uses current-mode control topology 
- Topology allows for cycle-by-cycle current limiting during short circuits or overloads

Connections to the unit are made via the 12-pin Deutsch DT series sealed connector (A keyed). An option to purchase the connector and pins is available after adding the item to your shopping cart. 


Input: 72-96VDC
Output: 13.5VDC (12V) 
Output Current (continuous): 25A
Output Current (intermittent): 30A
Dimensions: 7.125in L x 5.62in W x 2.35in T
Weight: Approx. 4.27lbs.

Stock Status Special Order: Allow 2 to 6 Weeks
Country of Manufacture United States

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