State of Charge Meter for 48V Lead Acid

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Quick Overview

State of Charge Meter For 48VDC Nominal Lead Acid battery packs

A state of charge meter is used on Electric Vehicles to determine how much charge is left on the batteries while also accurately measuring the battery voltage. The state of charge indicator provides a horizontal LED status readout that allows the driver to know the charge status of the vehicle's batteries. 

For lead acid batteries only.

Available for 48V, 60V, and 72V

Size: Approximately 1.875" x 1" x 1.5"

Weight: 1.0 oz. 


Pin 1 = Battery +
Connects to the vehicle’s main positive (+) terminal.
Use as short a wire as practical.

Pin 2 = Battery –
Connects to the vehicle’s main negative (–) terminal
Use as short a wire as practical.
Note: Pins 1 & 2 are connected across the total
battery pack.

Pin 3 = Output Signal + or No Option
Output Signal option: 5 VDC ±0.5 VDC (90 μA
current source) above Empty, 0-0.1 VDC at Empty
1 VDC maximum (90 μA sink);
No Option: Pin 3 is left open.

Pin 4 = Keyswitch
Connects to Battery + through the switched terminal
of the keyswitch.

Stock Status N/A
Country of Manufacture China

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