AC-35x2 Dual Stator AC Induction Motor Drive Kit 165 hp pk 96-144V

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Custom built: Allow 4 to 6 weeks

Quick Overview

AC Induction Motor & Curtis Controller

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The are two designs of the AC 3Xx2 motor. Both the AC34X2 and the AC35X2 are designed for automotive applications (up to 4500 lbs). The motor design includes one shaft that has two rotors. The frame includes two stators with the end result of all of these items are manufactured into one motor package. The motor has double the torque and horsepower that the AC-34 and AC-35 motor has now. The motor is available in single shaft or dual shaft.

This motor can be manufactured as vented or non-vented (enclosed). 

Application Voltage
Controller Current
B-Face or
96 1238R-7601 650 125 260
B-Face or
144 1239-8501 500 165 190

Included: Motor, 2x Controllers, 2x Tyco Contactors, 2x Wire Harnesses, Dash Displays


Diameter: 8 in
Weight: 150 lb. 
Motor efficiency: 89% 


Stock Status Custom built: Allow 4 to 6 weeks
Country of Manufacture United States

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