Aluminum Gear Reducer 2:1, C-Face

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Standard Features

• High efficiency
• Aluminum housing
• Factory-filled with premium Mobil Glygoyle 460 polyalkalene glycol lubricant – USDA Class H1 approved
• Viton® double lip seals provide extended life through increased resistance to high temperature, abrasion and chemicals
• C Flange or solid input styles available
• NEMA 56C/143TC input and output
• Helical gearing to optimize system efficiency

Ratio Multipliers are ready for installation as removed from the carton. Each Ratio Multiplier has been filled with premium Mobil Glygoyle 460 polyalkalene glycol lubricant at the factory.


Actual Ratio: 2:1
NEMA Frame Size: 143TC
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs.

Stock Status No
Country of Manufacture United States

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