GBS 12V (4-Cell) 40Ah LiFeMnPO4

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Quick Overview

4-cell, 12.8V, 40Ah Pack


GBS is a high-tech manufacturer who specializes in developing and manufacturing of LiFeMnPO4 power battery packs. GBS owns a patented environmentaly friendly solvent binder (which replaces “PVDF”) and creates a unique scalable battery cell design. GBS has developed more than 10 battery products with single cell capacities ranging from 20AH to 400AH. They are the ideal energy sources not only for electric bikes, scooters, hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), but also for energy storage devices used in solar and wind electricity generation applications and other multi-power systems, as well as military use.

GBS Features

- 10% higher energy density by weight and by volume than Thundersky batteries.
- Superior safety performance due to patented new safety valve and pressure cap designs.
- Safer chemistry minimizes risks of explosion and fire when batteries are shorted or punctured resulting in internal shorts.
- Robust connection due to new electrode terminal design using four rivets or four screws per terminal. This helps prevent loose connections caused by vibration.
- Reduced impedance due to improved electrode terminal design.
- Improved cycle life.
- New cell structure better facilitates BMS integration and battery pack formation, and improves air circulation.


- Nominal Voltage: 12.8V (4X 3.2 V)
- Nominal Capacity: 40 Ah
- LiFeMnPO4 chemistry
- Operation Voltage Range: 11.2 to 14.4V
- Weight: 6.6 kg or 14.6 lbs
- Dimension: 125X208X180 mm or 4.9X8.2X7.1 in
- Max Charging Current: 3C
- Max Discharge Current: 3C (continuous) / 10C (pulsed)
- Cycle Life : >1500 (80%DOD)
- Operating Temperature: -20 to 65 C or -4 to 149 F
- Self Discharge Rate: <3% monthly
- Accessories included: jumpers, bolts or rivets, washers, split washers and cell covers

Nominal Voltage (V) Capacity (Ah) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
12.8 40 125 x 208 x 180 6.6


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Country of Manufacture China

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