ELCON HK-J-H 198-23 3.3kW CAN Charger

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ElCon HK-J-H 198-23 UHF 3.3KW IP67 CANbus charger

The HK-J series 3.3 KW charger is designed to be commanded by a battery management system over CAN bus. The pro has high efficiency, small size, high stability, long life, full-featured protection and other features. This is an ideal on board charger for electric vehicles. Built-in thermal sensor automatically resets when cooled after a thermal overload event. Fully sealed encapsulation affords IP67 protection. Main features: Full casting process, air-cooled or water-cooled, can work reliably under conditions -40- + 60 ºC.
 Weight 3.9 kg without heatsink or fan.


Input Voltage: VAC 85~265 V
Frequency 45-65 Hz
Input Current 16 A
Power Factor 0.99 at over half power
Efficiency 94% at full power
Idle Power 5 W

Weight 3.9kg without heatsink or fan.
Dimensions: 239.2 mm x 135.4 mm x 91.9 mm

Output CV / CT
Output Range 50-198 V
Output current Limits Maximum 23 A
Output Power 3300W @220vac or 1600 W @ 110 VAC
Voltage Accuracy ±1%
Current Accuracy ±2%
Ripple voltage 5%

12 V Power Supply
Output Voltage 12.5 V
Current Rating 5 A
Current Accuracy ±2%
Max. Current 5.5 A ±0.5 A
Output Power 62.5 W
Ripple Voltage 1%

Input Overvoltage VAC 270 ±5 V
Input Undervoltage VAC 80 ±5 V
Output Overvoltage 1% over max voltage limit stops output
Output Undervoltage 5% below minimum voltage stops output
Output Overcurrent 1% over max. output current stops output
Over Temp. Protection 85 ºC starts reduced power, over 90 ºC stops output
Short Circuit Protection: Output stops
Reverse battery protection: Blown Fuse
Ground Protection: 0.1 mΩ
CAN Com. Protection Communication: failure stops output

CAN Communications CAN IDs E5, E7, E8 and E9
Baud Rate options 125 Kbps、250 Kbps、500 Kbps
Terminating resistor Not included

Galvanic Isolation Input to output: 2000 VAC 10 mA input to ground: 2000 VAC 10 mA
Output to ground: 2000 VAC 10 mA, are 1 min
Insulation Rating Input to output, the signal end of the housing 10 M Europe, the test voltage 1000 VDC
Electromagnetic Immunity Meet GB / T 18487.3-2001 11.3.1 Article
Electromagnetic noise Meet GB / T 18487.3-2001 11.3.2 Article
Harmonic Current Meet GB 17625.1-2003 Article
Inrush Current 6 A
Current Rise Time 5 S, overshoot 5%
Stop response time 100% to 10% 50 mS, 100% to 0% 200 mS
Protection Class IP67
Vibration Resistance 10-25 Hz amplitude of 1.2 mm, 25-500 Hz 30 m / s2, 8 hours a direction
Noise 60 dB
MTBF 150000 H
Working Environment Relative humidity 5% -95% non-condensing
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 60
Storage temperature -55 ~ +85
Over-temperature protection Stops when over 90 ºC, resumes operating when cooled.

Stock Status In Stock
Country of Manufacture China

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