PMAC-G4827 HS 36/48V 275A Motor Drive System

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IMPORTANT: This is a made-to-order drive system that may require an additional 2-6 weeks for production. If you need it fast, please inquire about current production times prior to ordering. Please also note that some components within the drive system may be different than what is pictured on this webpage as the item undergoes periodic revision.

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G4827 HS 36V/48V 275A Motor Drive System

The Electric Motorsport PMAC Motor Kit is an affordable, efficient and powerful conversion choice for your motorcycle or sailboat, go-kart, riding mower or lawn tractor. These units may also be used for agricultural and industrial machinery drives, pumps and blowers, amusement rides and more. No matter which project you have, the Motenergy ME1305 brushless motor and Sevcon Gen4 controller work together to supply smooth, dependable power at a price that is much less than you might expect to pay for this level of performance and 'turn-key' readiness. This Hall-effect commutated motor makes it ideal for boats, but can also apply to traction use and more. Electric Motorsport's years of experience have led us to develop motor kits that have compatible, quality components, rugged pre-assembled wire harnesses and switches, and are tuned to your usage requirements. This motor kit is hand assembled and shipped from Northern California.

Features of this motor system are detailed below the Important Notes and Additional Information…..

Important Notes

Electric Motorsport will need to know the following information to best process your PMAC Motor Kit:

- The nominal Voltage that will be used. 48 V is standard. 36 V is optional (An additional $75.00 Programming fee applies)
- This kit comes with a motorcycle-style Magura Twist Grip Throttle for electric motors. It is not cable actuated as seen on gas-powered motorcycles, etc. Other throttle types are available for additional cost.
- Direction of rotation 'Forward' is necessary. This is described as looking at the motor 'face' on the shaft side and determining either a clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW) direction is necessary for your application. Likewise a 'full speed Forward' and 'full speed Reverse' or 'half-speed Reverse' in the CW or CCW direction is necessary to know as well.
- What is the expected application or usage of the Motor Kit ? Land vehicle, boat, pump or ?? Please let us know.

Additional Information

- Payment methods may include PayPal and major credit cards, or bank wire transfer for USA customers (A $25 fee applies for Wire Transfer). Please note maximum acceptable amount for sales outside the USA is $2000 credit card and PayPal
- Your Motor Kit can take up to 2 business weeks to produce. This is dependent on our production volumes and may vary. Please keep this in mind. Every effort will be made to process and ship your order as quickly as possible.
- Electric Motorsport can and does ship using major, known shipping companies. We will ship Motor Kits via major know n carriers such as UPS and Fed Ex.


- Variable Throttle for smooth speed control
- Brushless Motor design makes brush maintenance a thing of the past.
- Easy forward and reverse switching with a flip of a switch
- Motor and Controller support Regen which means with an appropriate prop this system can recapture energy to help recharge the battery pack. So under a heavy sail this system can be generating power off the dragging prop*.
- Drive motor can be mounted inboard OR outboard.
- Pre-assembled and tested relieving you of any guesswork.

Kit Includes

- Motenergy Brushless PMAC motor
- Gen4 Controller
- Pot box throttle
- Foreward / Reverse switch
- Ignition key
- Contactor
- Fuse
- Wiring harness

Motor Specifications

- Voltage: 24-48 VDC
- Power: 15 Hp peak, 6 Hp cont.
- 90% EFFICIENCY for much longer battery life.
- Commutation is accomplished with an internal Hall Cell assembly, connected to the 6-pin external wire harness.
- Voltage Constant: 70 RPM/VDC.
- Torque Constant: 1.20" lbs/amp.
- Max Motor Current: 300 A/1min.
- Weight: 22 Lbs.
- Dia. 8"

Controller Specifications

The Gen4-series represent the absolute latest design concept for compact and reliable AC Controllers. They feature the smallest footprint in the industry for their power capability. The high efficiency of these controllers makes it possible to integrate them into very tight spaces without sacrificing performance. The design has been optimized for the lowest possible cost while maintaining superior reliability in the most demanding applications.

The Gen4 controllers are designed to control either AC Asynchronous motors or PMAC Synchronous motors. This feature allows the user to select optimal motor solutions for any application. Both UVW and encoder AB inputs are provided for maximum flexibility.


- Sealed IP66 enclosure
- Integrated logic circuit (I/O)
- Advanced flux vector control
- Autocheck - system diagnostics
- Sensorless control (depending on application)
- CANopen product

Nominal Voltage
36 - 48 VDC
Operating Voltage
19.3 - 69.6 VDC
Cont. Current (120s)

Current (120s)


Boost (10s)


Additional note

Certain applications including many marine applications, will require a gear reduction system. Electric Motorsport can supply a variety of gear reducers ranging from 2:1 to 10:1. This will improve efficiency, provide proper torque and cooling, and prevent cavitation. Typical reduction is around 3:1, but will depend on the required prop RPM needed to reach hull speed. Proper reduction will enable the motor to spin your prop at the hull speed RPM of your prop when it is spinning at its max RPM. This number can be estimated using the 70 rpm/Volt constant (48 volts * 70 rpm/Volt ~ 3400 rpm max).

Stock Status No
Country of Manufacture United States

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