Silicone Rubber Terminal Boot - Bright Red

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Our electrical terminal boots are used in products requiring a shock /physical protective cover for electrical terminal posts. Originally designed for use in the aerospace market, the parts have proven to be an effective for electrical connector protection in many other electrical applications such as marine battery terminal covers, hot tub electrical terminal covers, telephone switches to name a few.

Using rubber silicone Class II, 50 Duro (Shore A) per MIL-R-5847, the parts are transfer molded on a 75 ton hydraulic press. Visual in-process inspections are used to ensure production meets Mil-spec AA-59178 (superseded MS-25171) standards.

These terminal boots tolerate temperatures from -85 to 401°F and are resistant to deterioration from exposure.

Available in bright orange, bright red, and black.

Cable Entry Hole Diameter
Nearest Wire Gauge Terminal Hole Diameter
2S  0.31 in. / 7.9 mm 6 AWG - 4 AWG 0.56 in. / 14.2 mm
3S  0.43 in. / 10.9 mm 4 AWG - 2 AWG
4S  0.56 in. / 14.2 mm 1/0 AWG - 2/0 AWG


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