Trombetta 12V Sealed Contactor (225A cont.)

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DC contactors are electromechanical products developed and produced for the purpose of high current switching between a power source and a load. 

Trombetta "Bear" contactors feature a strong construction and high current carrying capability. While it is large in size, the Bear provides an economical solution to high current switching applications. 

Made in the USA


- Coil terminals: non-grounded, two(2) 10-32 studs
- Contact studs: 5/16-24 studs
- Duty cycle: 100% continuous
- Contact material: silver alloy 

Coil Voltage Continuous Current Intermittent Current
12V 225 amps, Inrush 600 amps  300 amps, Inrush 600 amps  


Stock Status N/A
Country of Manufacture United States

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