Alltrax SR-72300 12-72V / 300A

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Quick Overview

Alltrax SR-72300 12-72V /300 Amp Motor Speed Controller


Alltrax controllers are fully programmable and ready for use with permanent magnet and series motors. The free Windows compatible programming software allows for complete control of max current, max speed, hi and lo voltage cut off, acceleration and deceleration rates and custom throttle settings.

High performance 32 bit CPU
Flexible USB programming
Solenoid control output for main DC contactor control
Color coded terminals
Automatic throttle calibration for smooth operation
Standard 4-spade and optional 5-pin
E-Z-Go connectors
Freely downloadable calibration software
Optional high reliability fan panel
Integrated heatsink mounts on any suitable surface
Flexi-Mount clip-on feet
Standard 4-hole or 2-hole mounting
Optional universal mount adaptor for no drill install


300 Amps
Weight: 3.82 lbs (1.73 kg) without hardware or packaging
Works with 0-1k, 0-5k, k5-0 ohms, 6-10.5V & ITS Throttles

Model Peak (Amps) 2-Min (Amps) 5-Min (Amps) 60-Min+ (Amps)
SR72300  300/350 (2)  300 (1.5min)  250 320

Note: The larger number represents the "Peak Amp Mode" when enabled in the Alltrax Controller using Alltrax Tool-Kit software. The controllers ship stock with this setting turned off and used for racing or performance applications.

Stock Status No
Country of Manufacture United States

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